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Pastoral – Junior School

Rapid Global School is a very special place with a wealth of opportunities for all children. We base our pastoral system on the encouragement and development of an individual’s strengths whilst concentrating on their positive qualities in a nurturing environment.

The role of form tutors is vital and they are responsible for delivering PSHEE, readying the pupils for the wider world, and the Managing Emotions programme. This is aimed at encouraging children to share and deal with their own emotions in a positive manner. Children are also allocated the time to reflect on their learning and taught a variety of well-being strategies for them to utilise.

We aim to encourage all children to do their best and to take pride in both their own work and the school surroundings. Through our policy of Positive Behaviour Management, good attributes are praised and rewarded.

The children take on ownership of our expectations to enable them to achieve greater success. Attention to the finer details of, for example, a smart dress code gives more meaning to the bigger picture.

The children are placed in small classes that allow them to receive the attention they require in all areas of the curriculum. These classes form part of a bigger year group which meets for some subjects and allow interaction between different friendship groups.

Upon entry, they are placed in one of four Houses and are faced with many chances to represent their House via a range of activities. These can be on the sporting field, in the classroom, in the creative forum or around the school on a less formal, but no less important basis.

We maintain regular contact with parents in an attempt to forge strong home/school links. Formal opportunities including progress grids, reports and parents’ evenings are in place for academic updates in addition to which all parents are encouraged to communicate informally where there is a need

All School Policies can be viewed here.