Rapid Global School:- Best School at Bidhuna Auraiya.


Senior School

Rapid Global Senior School is located in a semi-urban area at Bidhuna, Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh, India. It was established in 2010 under the aegis of Rapid Foundation, New Delhi. It's a CBSE-affiliated co-educational School where the medium of imparting education Is English. We aim to develop global citizens through a holistic approach with integrated and innovative use of curriculum, co-curriculum, Various activities and technology. We are not limited to the academic brilliance and understanding of the learner but physical and Psychological development along with spiritual strength is also our concern. Currently, the senior wing of Rapid Global School Consists of 800 learners and 50 learned members. RGS senior wing maintains a strong Hierarchy consisting Chairman, Director, administrator, principal, vice principal, coordinator and teachers to facilitate the students.

Our success is based on:

  • a balance of teaching techniques to ensure that students remain interested, challenged and inspired
  • a nurturing of young talent within a framework of individual pastoral care
  • flexibility and breadth of subject choices at all ages.

To develop leadership among students we have a well-organised Student Council comprising Head Boy, Head Girl, Cultural Secretary, Discipline in charge, Sports Secretary etc.

THE HORIZON our annual school magazine provides an opportunity for learners to manifest their mental skills and preserve intellectual property.

We believe that common sense and courtesy lie at the heart of pastoral care. We stress self-discipline and high standards of personal conduct. We aim to provide a relaxed but purposeful environment; a culture in which all feel at ease and are ambitious to achieve their best.

Parents are an integral part of the consultative process and we welcome regular contact between parents and tutors.

All parents receive regular reports on their child’s progress. All students are attached to one of Four Houses and challenge for the House Trophy, a competition involving around 50 events over the whole School year.