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Pastoral – care

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The greatest strengths of the school spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship which supports the well-being prospects of the boys. The full environment encourages a deep sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained and, in turn, be sustained in life beyond school. The four Houses provide a superb system of pastoral care promoting individual and academic confidence. Rapidians come to appreciate the creative tension between independence and interdependence and they do so with dynamic effervescence and an obvious sense of fun.

The chance to live and work alongside people from vastly varied backgrounds and states in India and from countries abroad is an enriching experience. Boys and Girls work with teachers, other members of the adult community and other boys in ways that go beyond the traditional relationship imposed by the classroom or laboratory.

House System

Houses are staffed by teams of adults who work generously to sustain and uphold the health and happiness of young people in their care. We work in partnership with parents, based upon agreed values which support the well-being of the boys and Girls. Housemasters are supported by Assistant Housemasters and a team of Tutors. Each pupil meets regularly with his Tutor, who provides guidance on all matters related to the development. Houses vary in character and composition but they all share the central ethos of our community.

Child Welfare Committee

In accordance with the POCSO Act 2012, Users Guide 2017 published by the National Commission for ​the ​Protection of Child Rights, the school has a Child Welfare Team.

Pastoral Care Team

The pastoral Care team takes special care to sensitise students with regard to adolescent issues, peer relationships and anger management. .