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Senior School Curriculum

The Senior School curriculum offers an appealing combination of breadth and depth. Throughout this time our students study subjects both for their own sake as well as preparing them to attain the best possible qualifications..

Education involves teachers, students and curriculum; At RGS we have extensive curriculum and the same we accomplish by applying unique combination of traditional and innovative teaching learning methods. Rapid Global Senior School offers a wide range of subjects in each group i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities. They can choose Mathematics or Biology besides Physics and Chemistry and one language for science stream. There is an exhaustive list of subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology and two languages (Hindi and English) for commerce and Humanities group. We offer an option of choosing Physical Education or Computer Science to each group.

RGS goes a step ahead to develop a pupil holistically and provides regular lessons in Art, Craft and Music.

A regular visit to library and access to thousands of handpicked books alongside monthly magazine and daily newspapers enhance the students’ intellectual treasures and keep them up to date in the literary as well as physical world.

Pre scheduled seminars, workshop, exhibitions and Practice and competition of indoor and outdoor sports activities prepare the Rapidians to be a warrior in the battle field of life after schooling. Providing an environment where the students can speak English naturally and fluently is our top most priority as it is a necessary skill in the cut throat competitive world and has become a lingua franca across the globe.

At RGS we take care of all the four pillars of learning i.e. Reading, writing, listening and speaking by involving different approaches like correlation, fusion, integration, concentration, spiral and chronological to complete the curriculum. Rapid Global School has set different educational objectives at different levels of curriculum for its secondary and senior secondary students. It involves knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, receiving, responding, conceptualisation , impulsion and naturalisation.