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The Parents Association

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10 July 2020

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The Parents' Association

What we do

All parents and guardians of students attending Rapid Global School become members of the Parents’ Association (membership is free). Parents are encouraged to attend the events that we organise and we welcome help with the planning and running of these events. Joining our activities gives you the opportunity to meet and socialise with other parents. The purpose of the PTA is to provide a forum where the opinions of the various adult stakeholders of the school can frankly share their opinions. This is significant in enabling all stakeholders in assisting the school in reaching its objectives. It is noted that this body is consultative. All decisions pertaining to the school are ratified by the Managing Committee of the school.

The Aims of the Parents’ Association include:

  • Facilitating social interaction between parents and, where appropriate, between parents, governors and staff
  • Supporting the provision of information to parents
  • Engaging in activities which support and advance the education and experience of students

To read the Chair’s Report from this year’s Annual General Meeting in September, click here.

Parent-Teacher Meetings (P.T.M)

The Parent-Teacher Meetings(PTMs) give an opportunity to interact and discuss various issues related to the progress of the child and the school.

A General Body Meeting of all the parents/guardians is held at the beginning of the year. The parents of each division of all classes will elect a representative from among themselves to form the Parent Council. The Management, Principal, Vice-Principal, Head Teachers, the staff secretary and the elected parents form the executive body of the Parent Council. The president and secretary of the council are also elected by these executives. The term of the executive is one year.

Activities and Events

The constant dialogue between the teachers and parents is vital for the overall development of a child. The school organizes periodic Parents- Faculty Meetings. Apart from this, the school has devised an electronic platform for parents where they have been provided with dedicated user credentials to track all major developments of their child. Parents can track homework, syllabus, teaching plan, etc using that platform

The Parents’ Association 500 Club is a lottery-style draw which is one of the PA’s primary fundraisers but also gives you a chance to win cash prizes. It is open to all parents, guardians and associates of the school. Read more about the club and how to join here. To view the latest draw results, click here. To view the Club’s data protection policy, please click here.

RGS-PMA detail is available, more details here.

If you have any questions at all about the RGS-PTA please do email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.