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In the process of withdrawal a form can be downloaded Withdrawal From Parents are requested to give a 15 days long notice as possible of intended withdrawal, failing which a one-month fee is forfeited/charged in lieu of notice. A student who wishes to withdraw after writing the CBSE Examination is charged fees till the end of March provided the letter/form of withdrawal is received by 1 March of the year. If the letter/form of withdrawal is received after 1 April the student has to pay April month full fee. The decision of the Principal in this respect is not open to question. The form can be completed and returned online as well to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If a parent of his/her own accord decides not to send his/her child to the school after he/she has deposited the admission fee and registration fee with the school, he/she will not be entitled to a refund of either the admission fee or the registration fee deposited and would be liable to pay three month's tuition fees in lieu of notice.

The registration fee and the admission fee are non-refundable & non-adjustable under any circumstances.

Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who is found to have used unfair means in the tests/examinations and if the student concerned continues to repeat the offence, he/she will be required to be withdrawn.

Transfer Certificate will only be issued only after the parent has paid all dues.