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Academic Extension

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Academic Extension

At RGS we believe that all students should be extended beyond the ‘normal’ classroom curriculum, and to this end, we offer a number of exciting opportunities to pupils. The below is not an exclusive list:

  • Clubs, societies and meetings – whether involving just Rapid Global School pupils or indeed pupils from various schools in the Kanpur and Auraiya region;
  • Links to external bodies, reading and websites away from the classroom to promote further pupil enjoyment of subjects;
  • Trips to museums, galleries and other places of educational interest;
  • A large, well-equipped and well-staffed Library, where pupils can further existing, or develop new, academic passions.

Academic Extension

The Academic Program of Rapid Global School is dynamic, versatile and comprehensive. It meets the learners' needs, societal expectations, community aspirations and international comparisons and it is put into transaction by a sophisticated integration of technology and human intellect.



This is an exciting opportunity for students, in conjunction with a supervisor who is a member of the staff, to pursue an area of interest outside of the curriculum; it is also worth the equivalent of 5% assessment of CBSE.

The Literary Club

We believe that our most academically able pupils should receive specific, targeted opportunities to ensure that they are stretched and challenged. We identify these pupils in a variety of different ways, and then offer specific support to them, such as:

  • Differentiated challenges and opportunities in lessons, including setting in some subjects;
  • The Literary Club – is targeted at ensuring that these pupils are stretched and extended as a group in their own right;
  • Promotion of external competitions like Maths Olympiads, essay competitions run by various NGOs, and other such challenging opportunities;

If you have any questions about Academic Extension please contact the Vice Principal at  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).