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We run a variety of open events during the year ranging from tours and open mornings to our annual Day. However, during the current coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to offer tours of the School whilst Government restrictions remain in place. We are currently looking at alternative ways to deliver our range of events for prospective and new students here.

Action Mornings

Postponed until further notice due to COVID 19

PTM ( Parents Teacher Meet )

A Parent Teacher Meet for all Classes is organised on the very last Saturday in school to discuss the performance of students with their parents. Parents were given feedback on their wards’ performance in Pre-Mid Examination, Unit Test and Pre-boards. Teachers interacted with parents making them aware of their children’s strengths and areas of improvement. The Achievement Report Card for Terms is also handed over to the parents and answer sheets were also shown to them. Various suggestions given by the parents were noted.
(Summers 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM)
(Winter 9:30 AM- 1:30 PM)

This is a fantastic way to see the School buzzing with energy and at its best. Listen to talks by both the Headmaster(Principal) and the Head of the Junior School(Vice Principal) and take a guided tour led by current students meeting staff along the way.

To register online for a PTM on any day, please use the buttons above. Alternatively, you can contact our Reception directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.