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At Rapid Global School, our community is based upon respect, good manners and fair play. We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment that is free from disruption and has a calm and purposeful atmosphere so that every one of our students can develop his/her full potential.

We expect our students to treat members of staff with courtesy and cooperation so that they can learn in a relaxed but orderly atmosphere. All students should care for and support each other.

Rapid Global Senior School takes care of the physical as well as mental health of its pupils. For this, we have a well-structured building with proper ventilation, comfortable furniture, a fully furnished auditorium, a big playground, a spacious assembly ground and above all utter hygienic conditions. Fire extinguishers, first aid treatment, a ready-to-move medical support team and many more are the safety measures which we strictly follow at RGS. CCTV Cameras are installed in each classroom and every corner of the school premises to ensure observation as well as security at all points. It is said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and we strongly believe in this principle. At RGS we have a well-equipped infirmary in case of any medical emergency so that a child can be given first aid immediately and his/her condition can be controlled successfully till the time he/she gets proper treatment by experts which is also our endeavour until the ward reaches under the supervision of his/her guardians/parents. Tutor groups meet for registration and pastoral sessions every day. The tutor is the main point of contact for students and parents should there be a problem and is someone the student should build a positive relationship with.

At RGS we have a team of dedicated counsellors to deal with the psychological issues of the students. They offer one-to-one confidential advice and support, as well as work with groups. They cooperate with Tutors, and all staff members (wherever required), to ensure seamless communication flows whilst respecting the boundaries of professional confidentiality. Our Counsellors liaise closely with other staff and parents, too. We take our utmost care that a child should be sensitive but not touchy. Each and every child is unique and responds to the situations in his/her own way. Mere providing standard operating procedures might not bring desirable outcomes. Thus it becomes our responsibility to bring out the best of a child up to his/her maximum potential. For this, we conduct regular yoga sessions and meditation camps and healing therapy workshops to ensure the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual health and development of the students.

In short, Rapid Global Senior School aims to create an anger-free zone and stress-free environment for students with holistic growth of them in all spheres of life by providing them security, care, guidance, moral values and strong desirable character along with academic excellence.

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